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Nº7 January 2023

RIET (International Journal of Terrorism Studies), is a journal born with the idea of offering researchers a platform for the publication of academic articles related to the study of terrorism from any of its different approaches and perspectives (counter-terrorism strategies, victims, security, prevention of violent radicalism, intelligence, etc.). The journal will provide flexibility in terms of content, style and length of articles, while maintaining professional academic standards.

Research articles and other journal content will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee, academic experts and external professionals prior to publication, providing the author with feedback, corrections, and relevant notes, if necessary.

Published every four months, RIET aims to become the reference for those authors who wish to publish in Spanish (original works in English may also be published), as well as the priority option for Spanish-speaking readers who are looking for quality content in the area of study covered by the journal.

You can check all RIET news through the following Twitter account: @RIET_revista.